New York CityÂ’s Tourism Organization Officially Recognizes WindowsWearÂ’s Fashion Window Walking Tour

Fashion Window Walking Tour

WindowsWearÂ’s Fashion Walking Tour is now recognized by NYCgo, New York CityÂ’s official marketing, tourism, and partnership organization.

WindowsWear, the window shopping and trend forecasting website that features the worldÂ’s fashion windows online in real-time, will now have its Fashion Window Walking Tour recognized by NYCgo, New York CityÂ’s official tourism and marketing organization.

The Fashion Window Walking Tour is a premiere NYC fashion tour, highlighting unique insights from NYC's fashion industry and its most iconic fashion brands. Participants explore one of the world's best fashion districts, 5th Avenue, and experience the history of New York City's most famous stores, how they design their windows, and the latest fashions and window displays.

“WindowsWear is excited to be officially recognized as a tourist attraction in New York City,” said Jon Harari, CEO and Co-Founder of WindowsWear. “The tour is great for people visiting the city and even people who live in the city who love fashion and history,” said Mike Niemtzow, President and CFO of WindowsWear.

The tour brings to life New York CityÂ’s most famous fashion retailers and their window design teams. Iconic stores featured on the tour include BarneyÂ’s, Louis Vuitton, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, and MacyÂ’s Herald Square.

"This tour is comprehensive, creative, and fun," said Bret Shuford, Head of Tours. "Everyone from local New Yorkers, to complete foreigners have all discovered something new about New York and Fashion."

“I am so happy that I finally saw the holiday windows and it could not have been a more perfect first way to do it. I learned so much and enjoyed it thoroughly!” said Erin McDonnell, Concierge at The Pierre, a 5-star hotel in New York. Time Out New York said the tour "took window-shopping to a whole new level.”

The tours are given daily for groups as small as 2 and as large as 40 people, as well as full-day private group tours. The tour is affiliated with the 34th Street Partnership. WindowsWear coordinates its tours with the creative teams at MacyÂ’s, Lord & Taylor, and BloomingdaleÂ’s. Guests from the US, Mexico, Russia, Canada, Israel, Australia, and more have participated and enjoyed WindowsWearÂ’s Fashion Walking Tour.

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