ISEM Fashion Business School in Madrid Visits WindowsWear during their American Fashion System Program in New York City

WindowsWear PRO

WindowsWear was invited to be guest speaker at ISEM Fashion Business School in Madrid's American Fashion System Program, which took place in New York City on Monday, July 13th to Friday, July 17th 2015.

This program welcomed prestigious speakers from the fashion and business industries such as Carolina Herrera, Javier Vassallo, Birchbox, WindowsWear, and professors from University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School and NYU Stern.

Students learning more about WindowsWear during the presentation.

The American Fashion System Program is intended for students who want to learn more about fashion, luxury and department stores in the United States. The program offers students an opportunity to connect with New York City's fashion industry and learn directly from renowned speakerÂ’s experiences and expertise. The lectures teach students the best ways to manage global brands in the American market. Students also learn skills to help them recognize and analyze the cultural differences between the Spanish and American markets. Moreover, during the lectures different aspects were presented to the students such as financial planning, sales, marketing and distribution. The lectures were an hour 15 minutes in which each speaker presented their company and shared their experiences.

ISEM Fashion Business School in Madrid, founded in 2001 by Covadonga OÂ’Shea is the first Spanish business school that specializes in fashion. The schoolÂ’s objective is to teach students the skills necessary to be more efficient in the fashion industry through both management and creativity.

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