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Online retail trendsetter WindowsWear brings an internationally flavored shopping experience to the convenience of an iPad.

The company takes pictures of brick-and-mortar retail to the internet, allowing armchair shoppers, rather than only jet-setters, to window-shop the posh storefronts of Paris, London or Milan. In recent years, luxury retail brands have really stepped up their storefronts. Observe WindowsWear co-founders Jon Harari and Mike Niemtzow.

Noting that store windows had come to the level of contemporary fine art, WindowsWear began to curate them throughout the seasons via its blog. Now Windows-Wear boasts a three-fold omni-channel that includes a professional membership that allows visual merchandisers to browse photographers of high-end retailers' store windows curated by WindowsWear. The second aspect takes those same photographs and puts them online in a shop-able format. Finally, the company offers walking tours of their curated list of elite retailers' store windows, for visitors who want to enjoy the sites, sounds and storefronts of luxury retailers in the Big Apple.

Emilio Pucci, Milan, Italy