Hong Kong Becomes The Eighth Fashion Capital To Have Its Fashion Window Displays Featured on WindowsWear PRO

WindowsWear PRO

WindowsWear announces the addition of Hong Kong to its growing list of the world's most influential fashion capitals, including New York, Paris, Milan, London, Los Angeles, Barcelona, and Mexico City.

WindowsWear, the window shopping, trend forecasting, and visual merchandizing website that features the worldÂ’s fashion windows online in real-time, has announced its launch in Hong Kong.

“WindowsWear is excited to expand into its first city in Asia,” said Raul Tovar, Head of Photography at WindowsWear. “Hong Kong is a huge influence on the fashion in Asia, and WindowsWear is eager to share that influence with the rest of the world.”

Hong Kong is the eighth fashion capital to have its fashion windows photographed and displayed on WindowsWear. The stores photographed are located on or around Hong Kong's Central District.

By expanding into Hong Kong, WindowsWear adds new opportunities to further expand its presence into Asia. China is one of WindowsWear's largest sources of traffic. WindowsWear also recently announced a partnership with Diexun, the leading online trend-analysis, research, and forecast service in China. WindowsWear can be found on Weibo at http://weibo.com/windowswear, and was also recently featured in the South China Morning Post, which mentioned "China is a big focus for WindowsWear". For more information on WindowsWear or its Hong Kong launch, please contact pr@windowswear.com or visit http://www.windowswear.com.

About WindowsWear

WindowsWear PRO (http://pro.windowswear.com/) is a subscription service that provides comprehensive trend reporting, analysis and data on the world's fashion window displays, covering all the windows of the world's fashion capitals including NYC, Paris, Milan, London, Barcelona, L.A., and Hong Kong. Glamour Brazil says it's "the Google Earth of store windows."

WindowsWear.com (http://www.windowswear.com/) allows users to digitally shop the latest styles and looks in the windows of the world's fashion retailers. ELLE says "impressive", Glamour says "stunning", Redbook says "awesome", WWD says "WindowsWear bridges technology and e-commerce".

WindowsWear's Fashion Window Walking Tour (http://tours.windowswear.com/) is NYC's premiere fashion tour. It's an in-depth journey into NYC's fashion industry, its most famous stores, how they design their windows, and the latest fashions on display. Time Out New York says "WindowsWear took window-shopping to a whole new level".