Fashion Mannuscript: The Fashion Industry's Best Styles are Displayed in the Windows Throughout the World

Fashion Mannuscript

Our team was motivated to start as we see window dressing as an artistic, creative field that should be celebrated globally.

It has huge potential online and through digital and social media. The fashion industry's best styles are displayed in windows throughout the world. Thus, our site curates the industry's best looks. has created a new online shopping experience through online window shopping. We also provide competitive research, inspiration and trends from more than 40,000 windows from 600 brands across the world. We are growing through WindowsWear PRO, the world's largest fashion visual display and merchandising database. We also connect consumers with the windows through our Fashion Window Walking Tour, NYC's premiere fashion tour.

WindowsWear has been featured very prominently around the world. Just like the world's fashion weeks showcase the world's fashion designers, WindowsWear showcases the world's fashion windows. The team at WindowsWear is inspired by the thousands of people across the world that design and create the world's fashion window displays. WindowsWear is also inspired by the new digital technologies available, so that millions from around the world can experience fashion windows in new innovative ways.

For the holidays, serves as the global landing page and shopping site for the world's holiday windows. Our top 10 countries according to traffic are US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Brazil, China, India, France and Italy (in that order), and in the last month alone, we generated traffic from 153 different countries.

We help the world's top brands, retailers, vendors and universities create the best visual displays with WindowsWear PRO, and provide competitive research, inspiration and trends from 40,000+ windows from 600 brands across the world. We help vendors win new business and showcase their work to new and existing clients from around the world.

All of our photographers are extremely talented and have fashion photography backgrounds. We view each window as if it's the editorial shot of the brand that is featured in a prominent fashion magazine. All of our photographers globally use the same camera with the same filter setting to achieve a unified look. We create a global window shooting schedule, which we distribute globally to all the brands we work with.

It's clear to us that brands that use their windows to emotionally connect and communicate the DNA of their brand to consumers consistently create great windows. The visual display and look of the window is key to strengthening the shopping experience as well. A great window ultimately connects the consumer with the product emotionally.

Visual merchandising around the holiday / Christmas shopping season is always special with seasonal displays. While fashions may change from year to year, a snowy window display featuring classic holiday decorations will remain consistent. The use and integration of nature and the home environment is another trend that is also special. Visual merchandisers gain inspiration from their surroundings, and elements of nature and the home environment will always be prominently seen in the windows.