European Visual Marketing Merchandising Association (VMM) Announces Partnership with WindowsWear PRO

WindowsWear PRO

WindowsWear PRO now provides VMM members with creative inspiration and valuable market intelligence to help create the world's best visual displays, showcase their work, and win new business.

European Visual Marketing Merchandising Association (VMM), Europe's most established organization for professionals in visual marketing, merchandising, and design since 1900, has partnered with WindowsWear PRO to provide VMM's member base with stronger digital engagement tools and valuable market intelligence. WindowsWear PRO is the worldÂ’s largest fashion visual display and merchandising resource used by the world's top brands, vendors, and universities to create the best visual displays. WindowsWear PRO provides style trends, design trends, color trends, mannequin trends, and vendor information from 35,000+ windows from more than 550 brands in 10 fashion capitals around the world (and growing).

The new online resource gives VMM members unique insights and comprehensive reporting on the latest trends in visual merchandising and store environments, including visual design and mannequin trends.

Through the portal, members can search thousands of high-quality images of window displays to get ideas that can aid them in their business. In addition, WindowsWear PRO allows vendors of window display products and services the opportunity to showcase their work to retailers by identifying their products and services featured in every window with their brand name. In addition, WindowsWear PRO will provide VMM with editorial trend content. WindowsWear PRO covers all the retail brands and stores in the top fashion capitals of the world including New York, Paris, Milan, London, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. Berlin will be featured starting in September of 2014.

"Also in the vmm industry, we must act as a multi-channel user. With our partners at WindowsWear it opens us completely new and lightning-fast ways to provide us with trends, designs and information. Even without cost-intensive trips we are at the pulse of time and may even actively join and participate in the World of Visual Merchandising and Fashion on the internet. WindowsWear and vmm together form a completely new type of virtual networking opportunities and access. This partnership and its benefits can be used by all members, including our colleagues from Poly 3D, association in Switzerland, the FH Dusseldorf with the program retail design, the FWS school in Stuttgart and all of our supporting members. I look forward to a creative collaboration.“

A. Gesswein, President VMM

"This partnership with VMM will provide members with trend analysis from retail environments in more than ten cities around the world. Not only can VMM's members utilize WindowsWear PRO to gain access to new vendors and partners, but they can better understand trends and competition in the fast-paced retail and visual display industry."

Jon Harari, CEO WindowsWear

"VMM is very focused on providing its members innovative and cutting-edge services to understand trends in the market, compete, and win,” says Mike Niemtzow, President & CFO of WindowsWear. “We are thrilled that such an important organization as VMM has partnered with us. Furthermore, VMM understands the importance of digital marketing and we are honored for it to select WindowsWear PRO as a key partner, uniquely capable of providing solutions to its members' needs."

Mike Niemtzow, President & CFO WindowsWear

This is the fourth major partnership by WindowsWear PRO and the first within Germany. In April 2014, WindowsWear PRO partnered with The Planning and Visual Education Partnership (PAVE) a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, which represents over 800 educators in encouraging students to study in the field of retail design and planning and visual merchandising; and with Fashion Commerce in Finland (Muotikaupan Liitto), which represents 300+ retailers based in Finland in the clothing, shoe, textile, and leather sectors.

In March 2014, WindowsWear PRO partnered with the Association for Retail Environments (A.R.E.), an international non-profit trade association based in the United States. A.R.E. members consists of 700+ companies from around the world include store fixture suppliers, retail design firms, suppliers of visual merchandising products and suppliers of materials and equipment for the retail environments industry.