Bloomingdale`s Windows Turn Crayola Crayons into Couture

Bloomingdales`s windows feature 18,000+ Crayloa crayons in the form of one-of-a-kind, designer pieces. Crayons are not only used to sketch designs but are now used to actually create the apparel.

Bloomingdales`s flagship 59th Street New York City store recently made a new exciting cooperation with six fashion designers for their window displays.

As part of the 100% Bloomingdales`s campaign that promotes the department store's exclusive products, Nanette Lepore, Rebecca Taylor, Ronny Kobo, Parker, Clover Canyon and Rebecca Minkoff worked with Crayola crayons to create unique samples of their own designs. To present the bright colors of crayons, the designers replicated one of their own dresses by using crayons as fabric.

Nanette Lepore used "Unmellow Yellow" colored crayons to create a dress with three dimensional starbursts on the bustier. Rebecca Taylor created a cut-out navy blue jumpsuit with a bustier completely made out of crayons, which gives it an exciting three dimensional touch. "Bittersweet" crayons were used by Ronny Kobo to create a flirty and sexy dress, its yoke and hemline are studded and the rest of the dress is dotted with crayons. Parker created a short and playful romper out of "Jungle Green" crayons and Crayola wrappers.

"Mountain Meadow" crayons were used by Clover Canyon to create a summer shift dress with crayons used for the collar and hemline. Rebecca Minkoff designed a loose fitted shirt dress out of "Banana Mania" yellow crayons, with black stripes as the crayons were placed row-by-row.

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