A Fashion Savvy Tour of One of the World's Fashion Capitals

Fashion Window Walking Tour

Finally, a tour for the fashionistas!

And in what better city could it take place? WindowsWear is hosting this ultimate fashion tour of the Big Apple, giving you all the inside tips from the industry. Leaders in the field of the worldÂ’s fashion windows and all the latest fashions, WindowsWearÂ’s two hour tour will weave through the fashion district, of course including world renowned 5th Avenue.

ItÂ’s not just whatÂ’s hot right now though, throughout the tour youÂ’ll learn about the history of New YorkÂ’s fashion industry and how they create their window displays that keep you coming through their doors. Not only will you gain a whole new appreciation from this unique perspective on the fashion world, youÂ’ll also be privy to some exclusive offers!