Reimagine Banking Experience
“What would you like the power to do?” The intent of this design is to create a transitional and welcoming banking experience at college campuses in which the beauty of classical architecture of a traditional bank infuses into the modern brand images and cutting-edge technology solution for Bank of America. Engaging users within the space provides a rich understanding of human experience within the range of the college campuses and their neighbors. Bringing the contemporary vision of Bank of America promotes its new brand identity in order to concentrate on the ideas of ENERGETIC, EMPATHETIC, CRISP and CLEAN. Eclectic transformation transpires modernized banking services and traditional elements to enhance the powerful interpretation as a financial center. The use of natural and rustic materials give clients, especially students a trustworthy and inviting connection with the space. The color palette: Red, Blue, and White is taken into consideration to uplift the brand. While classical arches and decorative columns empower the meaning of the empathy, flexible open space allows a variety of conversations. High-tech and high-touch solution reshapes new teller experience as well as provokes more meaningful interactions. The holistic experience is not only about the functionality, but it also supports the theory of sense-of-self and sense-of-place. As users enter the space, they “expect the unexpected”.