FIDM + Macys Flower Show
For the past six years, students on the San Francisco campus of FIDM have had the unique experience of designing and executing displays for the Macy's Flower Show. Each year, we’ve transformed an area into a breathtaking scene based on a theme developed by Macys HQ using mostly recycled materials. 2020 was "Voyage to Oceanum".
This year was very different however. This year we ended the project as Covid-19 began spreading around the country. We installed the epic scenes the students produced only to find out the following day that Flower Show would be canceled. A couple of days later the stores closed. The designs would have been completed with live plants to breath even more life into the work.
The installation was also designed to include an activation. Throughout the display participants were encouraged to spot fabric fish. There were three special fish with red star buttons attached. When found, we asked everyone to take a photo, post it to Instagram with the hashtag #MacysXFIDM, and be entered to receive a prize.
2020 Flower Show Teams: “Coral Queen and Mobiles”: Christian Jouvin, Jordan Gancas, Marie McCarthy, Annelise Nolting. “Bubble Creatures on Star Island”: Danny Do, Victoria Duong, Saffia King, Dolly Xie. “Tidal Queen and Wave”: Edith Garcia, Cat Boozenny, Hannah Brock, Christiana Rodriguez