Frequently Asked Questions

How can I advertise my products or services on WindowsWear?

It’s as easy as becoming a Specialist member, with plans starting at $99 / month.

How can I contact WindowsWear if I have any additional questions?

Please visit our Contact Us page.

What are the differences between the membership plans?

We have three different plans to chose from:

Individuals have access for free.

Specialists are vendors that work with the retailers and they recieve a premium profile and listing.

Organizations have full access to all WindowsWear content and can invite other members of their team for access. 

Educational institutions including universities, colleges, high schools, and middle schools can contact us for special academic rates.

What else does WindowsWear do?

WindowsWear’s Messaging App allows retailers to securely communicate and visually coordinate with all their selling and buying channels including retail, wholesale, pop-up shops, tradeshows, events, and more in real-time!

WindowsWear’s Fashion Window Walking Tour is a 2-hour experience which offers insight and analysis into how the most creative retailers design their windows while exploring the worlds most iconic brands along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

The WindowsWear Museum at Berkeley College is the world’s first museum celebrating one-of-a-kind, influential fashion window and in-store displays.

WindowsWear annually celebrates the best visual displays globally. Each year, WindowsWear showcases tens of thousands of displays from around the world and nominations are given to those that showcase extraordinary accomplishments in their respective categories. Members from around the world vote on their favorites, and the most popular are recognized as WindowsWear Award Winners!

The WindowsWear Workshop is the world’s premier crash course in visual merchandising and is hosted in New York City.

What is WindowsWear?

WindowsWear is the world’s largest and most comprehensive visual database of retail and e-commerce. Leading brands, vendors, designers, architects, and academic institutions worldwide use WindowsWear’s exclusive, one-of-a-kind database. This unique online resource provides competitive research, information, insights, and trends for visual creatives to enhance and coordinate their brand’s physical and e-commerce environments. Content includes best-in-class visual merchandising, retail design, window displays, product packaging, e-commerce, and more, of the hottest global brands.

Who is a member of WindowsWear?

Our community includes members like Fendi, Harrods, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, as well as other leading brands, specialists, designers, architects, and academic institutions worldwide.