The world's best Fashion Window Displays

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Bottega Veneta not only captured butterflies and leather goods in their nets but also our imaginations in this triumphant vernal equinox celebration.

Bottega Veneta, Barcelona, August 2015


Between the special edition red L'Amour collection and white fluorescent lights reading "your eyes are the eyes of a woman in love" by Italian artist Giosetta Fioroni, this collaborative window from Maison Valentino evoked passionate magnetism.

Valentino, Berlin, April 2015

Hong Kong

Editorial photographs of manicured models in menswear juxtaposed with rugged and haphazard finger-painting on the wall of this window display envelope the energy of a complex and potent collection from Dior Homme.

Dior Homme, Hong Kong, November 2015


Stars, stripes, and a precarious high wire act in heels whilst balancing multiple purses add an element of surprise and danger to this Harvey Nichols installation.

Harvey Nichols, London, April 2015

Los Angeles

Curtains of luscious red velvet, theatrical seating for special VIP guests, luxurious black lingerie, and winged critters all conjure up a provocative sensual setting we have come to expect from skilled lingerie brand Agent Provocateur.

Agent Provocateur, Los Angeles, October 2015

Mexico City

Hugo Boss provided beautiful symmetry in the geometrical presentation of this formal window. Both measured and undeterminable, the cube-like design appeals in a sensible way.

Hugo Boss, Mexico City, November 2015


Soft and feminine, Max Mara has embodied the delicate side of womenswear in this mono-colored beige window.

Max Mara, Milan, November 2015

New York

Unexpected and unconventional, Dolce & Gabbana has added flair to their store fronts welcoming a giant Yeti. Pulling from imagery of King Kong and the Abominable Snowman this installation is both playful and eye catching.

Dolce & Gabbana, New York, February 2015


Large alien eyes, winged creatures, and just enough proportionality to keep it balanced, Galeries Lafayette has given us a science fiction space odyssey one could only imagine in a dream.

Galeries Lafayette, Paris, May 2015


Moncler takes us leagues under the sea into a nautical utopia. Individual makeshift chrome submarines provide a home for the lively collection making for an aquatic fantasy you won't forget.

Moncler, Tokyo, April 2015



A lush garden of flora blossoming into a vernal celebration give this Aritzia window a fresh, light, buoyancy that is both feminine and calming.

Aritzia, New York, April 2015


Both masculine and contemporary, this Berluti window evoked an air of ease while creating textured looks in both the menswear and accessories being showcased.

Berluti, Paris, May 2015

Men & Women

The signature Burberry trench coat and scarf were stylishly arranged for both men and women in this “cheeky” display. The crossover of womenswear and menswear in the same space made for a lighthearted and chipper scene.

Burberry, London, November 2015



Bridal masters Kleinfeld has constructed a stunning multi-dimensional maze in sharp red. While Pnina Tornai's bridal gown maintains the focus, the intricacy of topsy turvy clocks, chandeliers, candelabras, and other artifacts make this window a web of delights.

Kleinfield, New York, November 2015


The circus takes center stage in this big top canopy brought to you by Harrods. The bright orange banners, vibrant lighting, leather handbags, and strong man keeping the audience entertained make for a lovely three-ring fashion show.

Harrods, London, November 2015


Diane Von Furstenberg's luminous window could make the sun jealous. The famous DVF wrap dress receives a radiant lift in sunny yellow that is so bright you may need some shades to see it clearly.

Diane Von Furstenberg, London, April 2015


This military-chic window by Bloomingdale’s had us falling in line. The life-sized silk parachute blowing in the wind complimenting the army fatigue, camouflage-inspired olive dress was a crowd pleasing display We would gladly follow into battle.

Bloomingdale’s, New York, July 2015


Lanvin's striking use of cobalt blue in both geometric set design and womenswear are elegantly displayed here. The use of the Lanvin Sugar Bag in red provides beautiful contrast.

Lanvin, New York, July 2015


Simple and understated, Calvin Klein created multi-tiered levels of wood and cement to present winter footwear with a pop of intense purple to seal the deal.

Calvin Klein, New York, September 2015


Giorgio Armani presented its formal winter collection effectively and romantically in the backdrop of dramatic pink. Shades of fuchsia, rose, and purple make for a dynamic display.

Giorgio Armani, Milan, November 2015


Hermès giant wooden giraffe roaming the Serengeti is a dynamic use of rich, warm earth tones. The Hermès Cologne collection is elevated to new heights with the help of Hermès' long necked friend in this feast for the sight and olfactory senses.

Hermes, London, November 2015


The futuristic approach by innovators at Louis Vuitton have astro-projected greatness in this window. Chrome mannequins and digital screens featuring handbags on starry grids add to an overall sterling and mirrored effect which is both dizzying and wonderful.

Louis Vuitton, New York, Novembre 2015


Elie Tahari has taken an elegant approach to the King Midas touch in this twinkling window. Featuring beautiful metallic orbs and long lashed mannequins adorned in golden "crowns" this window simply dazzled.

Elie Tahari, New York, November 2015


Firecracker explosions in a night sky backdrop and popping champagne bottles create a festive mood for a harlequin black and white formal affair at Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren, New York, November 2015


Lingerie brand La Perla devised an idyllic gentle winter complete with woodland animals in fluffy piles of white, pearly snow amongst their delicate silky lingerie.

La Perla, New York, November 2015


The fantastical mermaids of Selfridges elicit feelings of whimsy with their prismatic colors and almost iridescent quality. Part under the sea, part out of this world this window presents many colors of the rainbow in an enchanting way.

Selfridges, London, November 2015



Bloomingdale’s has packed a recreational punch in all things summer in this vacation inspired beach setting. Mannequins enjoy seaside sunbathing and even perusing the waves to beat the mid July heat.

Bloomingdales, New York, May 2015


Barneys New York reinvented their windows into actual freezers featuring world-renowned ice carvers Okamoto Studio. Decked out in custom puffer suits by Thom Browne for Moncler Gamme Bleu, the Okamoto ice sculptors transformed large blocks of ice into winter themed works of art for passersby by during the holiday season.

Barneys New York, New York, November 2015



Nothing illuminated the streets of NYC more this holiday season than the brilliant Swarovski Crystal encrusted windows of Bergdorf Goodman. Featuring couture made-to-order pieces from four designers and over 7.5 million Swarovski Crystals, this installation was exquisite.

Bergdorf Goodman, New York, November 2015

Valentines Day

Love is literally in the air thanks to the fluttery heart-shaped wings of the lovestruck "Bee Mine" bumble bees. The jewelry experts at Tiffany & Co. have charmingly captured the essence of the tender hearted holiday in this romantic homage to lovers in the city that never sleeps.

Tiffany & Co, New York, January 2015


Saks Fifth Avenue put the Haute in Haunting this Halloween in this ominous richly lit window featuring creatures that go bump in the night. Werewolves, vampires, black cats, surrounding designer ghouls and jewels could be seen if you are brave enough to look.

Saks Fifth Avenue, New York, October 2015


French shoe connoisseur Christian Louboutin has given a replica of the British Queens Guard a leggy makeover. This gender bending parade of wooden "soldiers" reinvent the classic English insignia to highlight Louboutins playful accessory and shoe collection.

Christian Louboutin, New York, November 2015


Gucci's herbarium print beautifully complimented the dream closet of splendors from the cruise collection and Dionysus accessories including patchwork handbags, Marmont pumps, and ornate jewelry.

Gucci, London, November 2015


The Winter Palace at Saks Fifth Avenue drew special attention for its pristine presentation of gothic ice queen mannequins. Frosty skin, snow encrusted silvery lashes, and flawlessly airbrushed make-up made these fairy tale mannequins memorable.

Saks Fifth Avenue, New York, November 2015


Dior's brilliant sunburst of pink fluorescent lighting in a dome-like sphere received the most “Likes” on @windowswear; the official Instagram account of WindowsWear.

Dior, Paris, February 2015


This fashion time capsule of chic womenswear is a collaboration between Lord & Taylor and Maison Valentino from September of 1972. WindowsWear PRO has the world’s largest and most comprehensive archives collection dating back to 1931.

Lord & Taylor, New York, September 1972


Holiday glee emanates in this sweet treat by Lord & Taylor. A Victorian mansion is held aloft by a gingerbread cookie army using wooden casters, while a hypnotic LED screen of swirling candy canes delight adults and children alike.

Lord & Taylor, New York, November 2015


Henri Bendel's recognizable brown and white stripes synonymous with its brand heritage are honored in this iconic window. An integral part of this tradition are the classic "girl" illustrations of Izak Zenou, whose partnership with Henri Bendel spans 20 years.

Henri Bendel, New York, May 2015


Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Charles Schulz beloved Peanuts, Macy's set the bar high for interactive entertainment. Schroeder's giant piano synched up with a street-side touch screen keyboard which played music notes pedestrians could hear and see light up in the window resulting in huge smiles from the young and young at heart.

Macys, New York, November 2015


Known widely for their architectural vitrines, Anthropologie has once again flawlessly incorporated sophisticated set construction and fashion. Inspired by Dutch-styled log cabins, this wintry setting comes complete with glittery snow and a toboggan.

Anthropologie, New York, November 2015