Trend reports and intelligence

WindowsWear PRO is the premier site for the window display and visual merchandising industry, providing inspiration to the world's leading brands to innovate and create more engaging visual displays.

The site features proprietary trend reports, analysis, information and exclusive access to the world's fashion windows (100,000+ analyzed windows, 700+ exclusive brands from around the world).

"The site allows merchandisers to keep tabs on global fashion trends in real time."

Women's Wear Daily
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New York City's best fashion tour

WindowsWear’s Fashion Window Walking Tours take visitors to experience NYC’s best window displays, learning about the history of New York City's fashion industry and most famous stores, how they design their windows, and the latest fashions on display. Experience fashion from a new perspective and receive exclusive offers for participating.

"WindowsWear took window-shopping to a whole new level"

Time Out New York
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Real-Time Visual Communications App

WindowsWear's real-time retail communications App transforms and revolutionizes the way retailers communicate. Using the App will instantly allow your corporate team the ability to securely communicate and receive images of all their store locations and any other selling channels like retail, wholesale, pop-up shops, events, and more.

The App also functions as a a) text messenger b) email service c) image library d) VOIP telephone e) VOIP group call f) VOIP video call, and you can upload any attachments like a g) Dropbox, and more. The App also has additional functionality like tasks and forms to automate and manage your workflow and your teams. The App also has a community feature for your team members to further collaborate and engage in best practices.

"The App is incredible!"

Ralph Lauren
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