NYULocal.com: Get Your Fashion On With These Cheap Spring Events

Fashion Window Walking Tour

From fashion shows to fabulous parties, New York is the place to be if you want to immerse yourself in the industry. But some of the major fashion events of the year are both exclusive and expensive.

That doesn’t mean New York’s fashion world should be closed off to students, though. This spring boasts a surprising number of events more open and reasonably priced — perfect for students like us.

So if you canÂ’t make it to the annual Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 5, (what, you donÂ’t have $25,000 to spend on a ticket, or an outfit that fits Anna WintourÂ’s dress code?) here are some of our suggestions for student-friendly fashion events in the upcoming months:

1. “Trendology” Exhibit at the Museum at The Fashion Institute of Technology

The Museum at FIT constantly has impressive exhibitions for those interested in fashion, and is currently featuring an exhibit called “Trendology.” The exhibit consists of a display of different trends that have emerged over the past 300 years. Not only does it showcase famous fads, but it also showcases connections between art, music, and fashion in history, and the impact that some of the most popular stores of our time have on trends. For more info, check out the exhibition’s webpage.

2. Walking Tours of the Garment District

One of the origins of fashion in the United States is the Garment District. For anyone looking to learn more about the history behind the industry, this is the perfect activity. You can reserve your spot on the free (yes!) walking tour of this historical New York neighborhood by emailing MikesNYCTours@yahoo.com or you can follow the self-guided version, which can be found at the Garment DistrictÂ’s website.

3. Annie Leibovitz Talk at the 92nd Street YMCA

One of the most famous photographers of our time is Annie Leibovitz. Best known for her work in Rolling Stone, Vogue, and Vanity Fair, she has photographed everyone from John Lennon to Kim Kardashian. If youÂ’re interested in hearing her story and maybe getting the opportunity to ask her a question, she is having a talk at the 92nd Street YMCA on May 6th. Click here for more info and tickets, which are only $15!

4. “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” Exhibit

Although it is pretty difficult to get into the actual Met Ball, it is a lot easier to pay a small donation to the Met and take a walk around the exhibit itself. The exhibition starts on May 8th and will include photos and actual items from design mogul Charles JamesÂ’ classic collections. Although the showcase hasnÂ’t opened yet, there are more details at metmuseum.org.

5. WindowsWear

The WindowsWear Walking Tour is a more modernized walking tour of the fashion windows at the cityÂ’s biggest department stores. Visitors learn about the history of the stores, the design behind them, and they can view the latest window displays. Although this tour isnÂ’t free, it is definitely worth the money. You can buy tickets and learn more about group rates here.

Just because most of us arenÂ’t buddy-buddy with Anna Wintour does not mean we canÂ’t experience the fashion culture of New York City. These arenÂ’t even half of the events and showcases taking place this spring. For more ideas, check out nycgo.com.